Reference 83 (M79)

Stone Type:-
Stone Dimensions:-
107cm High
84cm Wide
18cm Thick
Top Face:-
3 Lairs 1852
South Face:-
East Face:-
On base: "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not" 1st Mat XIX 14.
West Face:-
Erected by JOHN KEIR and MARGARET WILSON in memory of their beloved children; JOHN died 21st Decr 1833 aged 3 weeks; CATHERINE died 5th May 1844 aged 5 months; DAVID died 1st August 1847 aged 17 years; ROBERT died 1st June 1849 aged 17 years; MARGARET WILSON died 8 October 1867 aged 59 years; JOHN KEIR died 1st January 1887 aged 82 years; Also their Grandchildren; MARGARET WILSON died 19th Novr 1884 aged 3 years & 10 months; MARGARET WILSON HARROWER died 13th August 1885 aged 11 months; JOHN KEIR died 10th March 1887 aged 19 years; JOHN KEIR their son died 24th October 1894 in his 58th year.
Not Available

Notes:- None

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