Reference 63 (M61)

Stone Type:-
Stone Dimensions:-
103cm High
80cm Wide
17cm Thick
Top Face:-
3 Lairs 1851
South Face:-
East Face:-
Erected by WILLIAM MUSTARD and CATHERINE FOTHERINGHAM. WILLIAM MUSTARD died 29 December 1873 aged 63 years. CATHERINE FOTHERINGHAM died 5th May 1902 aged 83 years and their son WILLIAM died 14th March 1919 aged 78 years; JAMES MUSTARD died 2nd April 1940 aged 78 years; JAMES KEAN died 3rd Sept 1956 aged 78 years.
West Face:-
JR BD 1785 JR KS
Memento Mori; Small Heart; Skull; Crossed Bones; Ploughshare; Hourglass on its side;
Not Available

Notes:- None

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