Reference 455 (M447)

Stone Type:-
Wall Plaque
Stone Dimensions:-
158cm High
81cm Wide
8cm Thick
North Face:-
South Face:-
East Face:-
Sacred to the memory of JAMES PRIMROSE OF BURNBRAE Esquire who died November 1827
JANE LAWRIE his spouse who died April 1832
SUSAN their eldest daughter, spouse of JAMES SMITH Esquire who died August 1830
Also to the memory of GEORGE FORSTER HAY PRIMROSE Esq. H.E.I.C.S. who died 15th November 1856
Mrs JANE HAY PRIMROSE OF BURNBRAE his spouse, daughter of the above named JAMES PRIMROSE and JANE LAWRIE who died 27th December 1858
RACHEL PRIMROSE OF BURNBRAE, her sister who died 4th June 1860
West Face:-
Shield with motto 'Primus Tametsi Humilis';
Not Available

Notes:- The abbreviation H.E.I.C.S stands for 'Honorable East India Company Service'
'Primus Tametsi Humilis' translates as 'Foremost although humble'

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