Reference 439 (M423)

Stone Type:-
Double Width Upright
Stone Dimensions:-
95cm High
188cm Wide
15cm Thick
Top Face:-
3 Lairs
South Face:-
East Face:-
This stone was erected by CHARLES BROWN Shipowner, Kincardine and his wife CATHERINE BROWN in memory of their daughter HELEN who died 2nd Decr 1815 aged 12 years
CHARLES BROWN was born the 8th June 1759 died the 24th Novr 1831
JEMIMA BROWN was born the 11th Septr 1812 died the 14th June 1837
JAMES BROWN died in infancy
MAJORIE BROWN died 5th May 1874 aged 67 years
GEORGE BROWN born 11th June 1809 died 24th Oct 1881
KATHERINE BROWN died 16th Novr 1887 aged 76 years
ANDREW BROWN died 1837 aged 21 years
Also in memory of MARY ROLLAND STOBIE born 8th Nov 1821 died 13th May 1877, wife of the said GEORGE BROWN and of their children ANNE ANDERSON BROWN and JAMES STOBIE BROWN died in infancy
KATHERINE BROWN born 18th Aug 1853 died 15th Nov 1926.
MARY ANN BROWN born 18th May 1859 died 6th Jany 1938
CHARLES BROWN born 1st Feb 1855 died 22nd May 1925 J.P. Factor on the estate of Tulliallan for 10 years and on the Zetland Estates for 31 years.
EUPHEMIA MILLAR WELCH his wife born 28th Oct 1864 died 25th Dec 1937
Also JOSEPH WELCH BROWN born 29th April 1889 died 14th Aug 1890 son of the said CHARLES BROWN and EUPHEMIA
West Face:-
"Dear parents weep for me no more'
'Nor children shed a tear'
'For I am gone but just before'
'Unto my Saviour dear'
Not Available

Notes:- None

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