Reference 274 (M258)

Stone Type:-
Stone Dimensions:-
53cm High
100cm Wide
184cm Long
Top Face:-
1777 DG AM

Here lies the corps of DAVID GRAY shipbuilder in Kincardine who died May the 4th day 1777 in the 59 yeare of his age.
AGNES MITCHELL his spouse died August 6th 1792 aged 76 years and in memory of their son THOMAS GRAY late shipbuilder in Kincardine who died Novr 25th 1816 aged 70 years
Also in memory of his spouse HELEN MILLER who died on the 15th of November 1821 aged 77 years.
"Here lies the body of an honest man"
"Who lived by the sea and died on land"
"And underneath this stone he lies"
"Until he gets the call from Christ to rise"

And in memory of their two children EUPHAN who died 1771 aged 3 years and 4 months, AGNES who died 1782 aged 3 years and 2 months
And of their son JOHN GRAY who died 24th Decr 1853 aged 78 years.
South Face:-
East Leg Emblems:-
Skull on crossed bones; Hourglass on its side;
West Leg Emblems:-
Hull of ship in ordinary (No masts and hull covered);
Image 1:-
Image 2:-

Notes:- None

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