Reference 271 (M261)

Stone Type:-
Double Width Upright
Stone Dimensions:-
78cm High
215cm Wide
15cm Thick
Top Face:-
3 Lairs
South Face:-
East Face:-
GEORGE TURCAN died 13th May 1870 aged 74 years
AGNES MERCER his wife died 17th January 1884 aged 82 years
"Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ"
West Face:-
Erected by GEORGE TURCAN and AGNES MERCER in 1831 in memory of their beloved children
JOHN who died 24 July 1847 aged 3 years
ISABELLA who died 20 February 1848 aged 11 years
WILLIAM who died at Rio-De-Janeiro 2 March 1852 aged 26 years
GEORGINA who died 30 December 1853 aged 14 years
EUPHEMIA who died 8 May 1860 aged 28 years
AGNES who died 2 May 1863 aged 32 years
"Complete in him"
MARGARET TURCAN died 24th Feb 1909 aged 80 years Interred in the new cemetery.
Not Available

Notes:- None

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