Reference 22 (M23)

Stone Type:-
Stone Dimensions:-
208cm High
138cm Wide
27cm Thick
North Face:-
South Face:-
To the memory of ALEXANDER SANDS shipowner who died in the year MDCCCXXXIV (1835) aged 80 years. He was naturally cheerful and serene and eminently given to hospitality and acts of social kindness which together with the consciencious observance of the still more elevated obligations of christian charity and devotion, raised him in the esteem and regard of all good men. He held the office of chief Magistrate XXXI (31 years) and that of elder of the church for XIV (14) years.

Elected by CHARLES, ANNE, JANE and THOMASINA BROWN in grateful tribute to the memory of their uncle for his more than parentail attention to their interest both temporal and spiritual
East Face:-
West Face:-
Not Available

Notes:- None

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