Reference 202 (M198)

Stone Type:-
Double Width Upright
Stone Dimensions:-
80cm High
144cm Wide
20cm Thick
Top Face:-
Three Lairs
South Face:-
East Face:-
Erected by GEORGE MEIKLEJOHN & MARY ANDERSON to the memory of their son ROBERT MEIKLEJOHN who was drowned off Aghuay, Coast of Guinea on the 11th April 1842 aged 24 years. Also their daughter ISABELLA A MEIKLEJOHN died January 19th 1850 aged 23 years. And their son GEORGE MEIKLEJOHN who was drowned of Buenos Ayres March 19th 1866 aged 29 years. MARY ANDERSON died 29th October 1876 aged 83 years & GEORGE MEIKLEJOHN died 11th June 1879 aged 85 years
West Face:-
Not Available

Notes:- None

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