Reference 200 (M182)

Stone Type:-
Stone Dimensions:-
80cm High
73cm Wide
18cm Thick
North Face:-
South Face:-
East Face:-

This stone was erected by DAVID GRAY, Carpenter Kincardine and ELIZABETH ANDERSON his spouse in memory of his uncle JAs STUART who lyeth intered here.
Also DAVID GRAY their son born 19th Aug 1810 died 7th Nov 1811
West Face:-
Here lies the corpse of ELIZABETH ANDERSON who was born on the 9th April 1784 who died on the 8th August 1817 and also her husband DAVID GRAY who was born on the 2nd of September 1776 who died on the 20th of February 1839
2 six petalled flowers (garlic) at top centre
Not Available

Notes:- None

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