Reference 152 (M145)

Stone Type:-
Wall Stone
Stone Dimensions:-
207cm High
85cm Wide
14cm Thick
North Face:-
South Face:-
East Face:-
West Face:-
Sacred to the memory of JAMES TURCAN shipowner who died 19th September 1852 aged 90 years. And MARY WATSON his wife who died 21st July 1850 aged 81 years. Also their children WILLIAM died 19th May 1806 aged 4 years.
ALEXANDER died 22 June aged 2 years
MAJORIE died 11th July 1829 aged 17 years
MARY wife of JAMES LEISHMAN Merchant, Liverpool died at Kincardine 20th June 1845 aged 28 years.
JAMES died 25 December 1876 aged 70 years
WILLIAM died 9th October 1887 aged 76 years who was interred in Grange Cemetary Edinburgh.
EUPHEMIA died 10th May 1893 aged 85 years
JOHN TURCAN, Merchant Leith died 2nd July 1842 aged 38 years and his son JAMES died 27 May 1841 aged 3
3 Masted Frigate with full sails set; Flags at foremast and stern blowing with wind; 7 Guns showing; Dove carrying olive branch; Plough

Notes:- None

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