Reference 15 (M16)

Stone Type:-
Double Width Upright
Stone Dimensions:-
76cm High
215cm Wide
17cm Thick
Top Face:-
3 Lairs
South Face:-
East Face:-
Erected by JAMES McAINSH in memory of his wife MARGARET LAMBERT who died the 26th June 1845 aged 59 years
West Face:-
Also in memory of her husband JAMES McAINSH who died 14th November 1856 aged 73 years

'In verily it may be said
'A care of providence here is layed'
'Vice be abroad, to virtue he did cling'
'And o'er him she spreads her wing'

Also their children ROBERT died 18th March 1856 aged 24 years. ISABELLA died 11th May 1858 aged 32 years.

'In life's full bloom layed low in dust'
'A loving mother, few worthier of trust'
The weal of all, it was her constant aim'
'A faithful wife, A trusty friend'
'Gone where no time, can happiness destroy,'
'Into the fullness of her saviour's joy.'

Also in memory of their son ALEXANDER who died 8th February 1841 age 7 years

'Here beauty fades, it withers soon'
In Adam dies, in Jesus bloom.'
Emblems (Incised):-
Upright Hourglass & long torch lit with an 8 pointed star
Not Available

Notes:- None

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