Reference 114 (M135)

Stone Type:-
Double Width Upright
Stone Dimensions:-
52cm High
218cm Wide
14cm Thick
Top Face:-
3 Lairs 1852
South Face:-
East Face:-
In memory of JANET STRUTH died 17th March 1881 aged 28 years and JAMES STRUTH died 31st March 1880 aged 11 months. The loving wife and dearly beloved child of DAVID STRUTH, and ANN INGLES died 22 October 1874 aged 48 years.
West Face:-
Erected by ANN HARROWER in memory of her husband THOMAS HARROWER who died 20th June 1852; "He went away both hale and weel, Was carried back to me, When death cam on him rapidly, And left his children dear."; ANN HARROWER his wife died 1870 aged 48 years
Not Available

Notes:- None

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